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Bridesmaid Makeup: How to Get The Perfect Look For Your Bestie’s Big Day

Here’s what you need for gorgeous bridesmaid makeup


It's your big day! Well, technically, it's your friend's big day — but you still have to walk down the aisle. And no, you don't get to pick out the dress, and the bride(zilla) may or may not tell you how to do your hair... but your makeup? That's usually all up to you.


So, where to start? It can be daunting, especially if you don't usually wear much makeup. First off, remember that you'll be in a lot of photos, so you'll probably want to wear more makeup than usual, even if you want to look natural. Also, lips and eyes tend to disappear in photos without the proper technique. Keep reading to see some of our wedding makeup tips for looking your best as a bridesmaid.



Choosing a Hair & Makeup Style

  1. The wedding theme and location are key. If the wedding is formal and the dresses are full length, tie in more structured and elegant hairstyles and makeup, generally with bolder lip colors.


  1. If the wedding is outdoors, the weather plays a huge part in hair and makeup decisions. If it’s an extremely hot day, a bride may opt for updos instead of hair down over the shoulders. Beach weddings tend to attract more simple and natural makeup and hairstyles.


  1. Consider color themes, flowers, and accessories, as they all need to work together with your hair and makeup to create a cohesive look. Lip color can often be matched perfectly to signature bouquet blooms, and statement earrings or an ornate headpiece can take center stage with a thoughtfully planned hairstyle.


  1. The neckline of a dress also plays a part in the hair decision. For example, if there is a very high neckline or detailed bodice, sometimes a low curled hairstyle can create too much clutter around the nape of the neck.


  1. What time of day is the wedding and photo session? We recommend a light and fresh look for a morning ceremony and slightly heavier, particularly eye makeup, for late afternoon and evening.


  1. Just as you can have mismatched dresses, each of your bridesmaids can be styled slightly differently within the same general theme to best suit their unique hair type and skin tone.


  1. Save reference images from Pinterest of hair and makeup styles you like. You can check out our Hair & Makeup and Bridesmaids boards as a starting point!


wedding makeup 

For The Face

Prime, prime, prime! Before you apply any makeup to the face, be sure to use a mattifying primer to reduce shine and ensure the foundation stays put through hour-long photo sessions (and the ceremony, of course!)


There are countless primers to choose from, but our favorite is the Perfectly Pink Poreless Primer. The formula targets oily areas smooths fine lines and eliminates the appearance of pores without the use of silicone, oil, alcohol, or fragrance.

 wedding makeup


Once you’re primed and ready to go, choose a lightweight, full-coverage foundation that will translate well on camera. We recommend Fabulous Finish Foundation, which comes in 6 shades, does not transfer, and lasts all day. The semi-matte finish leaves a natural-looking appearance.


For The Eyes

A classic smokey eye is the most common wedding day look for bridesmaids because it’s easy to achieve and customizable depending on the colors you want to incorporate.


To start this look, you’ll want to apply a light silver or gold eyeshadow across the lid. Choose an option with a little shimmer to enhance the look. We love using Longwear Blendable Creme Eyeshadow.

 wedding makeup

Next, you’ll want to apply a dark or jewel tone matte shade to the crease of your eyelid. Concentrate on the outer corner of the eye and blend upward toward the brow bone. Depending on the color you’re after, Alayne Curtiss offers a variety of affordable shades perfect for a smokey eye.


For The Lips

A neutral lip is a perfect way to balance out a smokey eye. Choose a lip creme for added shine, without the messy look that gloss can create.


We’re loving the Shimmer Matte Longwearing Lipstick in Matrimony or Rose Gold. Available in 15 richly pigmented shades, Exfoliate lips before wearing any longwearing lip color  Try an Alayen Curtiss fave - Sugar Lip Scrub) and you’ll get lasting lipcolor that doesn’t feather and leaves a liquid-to-matte finish without your lips looking crackly or dry.


If you’re going for a bolder look, the Broadway Satin Lipstick is a true classic. Modeled after the iconic red lip made famous in the 1920s, this bright and vibrant lipstick leaves a full-coverage, comfortable semi-matte finish with just one coat.

bridesmaid makeup

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