Satin Smooth Long Wearing Lip Liner


Bid farewell to the traditional wooden lip liner. Alayne's lip liners combine a long-wearing lip liner with a creamy lipstick texture. No need to carry a sharpener these so sharpening pencils provide the long-wearing waterproof color that lasts all day and feels comfortable.

 IngredientsBeeswax, PEG-12 palm wax, synthetic wax, PEG-20 castor oil, hydrogenated lanolin, synthetic candelaria wax, squalane, CL177288, CL 77289, CL77489, CL 77491, CL 77492, CL 77499, CL 77891, CL15850, CL 19140, CL 42090, CL 45410, methyl hydroxybenzpate