Best lipsticks for any makeup look

Best lipsticks for any makeup look

Oh, the wonderful world of lipsticks! There are so many colors, types, and finishes to polish each makeup look that you can create. Matte, satin, metallic, not to mention the many variations of the same colour we can get, with each variation producing a different result. With all the different types of lipsticks on the market, you may be wondering what’s the real difference. Let’s get into it. 

What is shimmer lipstick

Shimmer lipsticks are lipsticks that have an element of reflective properties or glitter flecks embedded in the formula of the lipstick. The colors range from bright and bold to nude and clear and can be liquid or wax/stick formula. Not to be confused with a shiny finish that typically lacks the glitter and reflective element. 

Shimmer lipsticks can be paired with various makeup looks, depending on your preference and the occasion. You could do a light makeup look and make the lips really be the center of attention with a bold shimmer lipstick. 

Or you could go for a full glam look with smokey eyes, light on the blush and a shimmer lipstick to tie the entire look together. Shimmer lipsticks are a favorite for occasions requiring artistic makeup, like carnivals or fun events. 

What are metallic lipsticks?

Looking to add a bit more drama to your makeup looks? Metallic lipsticks could be the answer. Metallic lipsticks have a slivery pearlescent finish and also come in many different colours and formulas. From deep plums to pretty pinks, you can really make a statement with a metallic lipstick. 

The chrome finish shines even more under certain lighting and makes for an eye-catching look. 

What are glossy lipsticks? 

Glossy lipsticks are perfect for keeping your lips hydrated while still giving you a pop of colour. The gloss provides a sheen that gives a glassy look to the lips. The good thing about glossy lipsticks is that you can wear them on their own or also as a topper on another lipstick formula. Typically if glossy lipsticks are being used as a topper, they are applied on top of a matte lipstick to give you the color without the drying effect.

Which is the best glossy lipstick

The Alayne Curtiss Luxury Lipgloss gives you the perfect blend of color and hydration without the stickiness. This lipstick is specially formulated with polymer technology which forms an invisible film on the lips to provide extended wear and comfort. It’s paraben-free and packed with natural ingredients to heal and treat chapped lips. 

Best Satin Shimmer Lipstick 

If you’re looking for a long-wearing, ultra-comfortable satin shimmer lipstick, you need to try the Alayne Curtiss Thames Way Satin Shimmer Lipstick. The long-wear pigments and hydrating oils and butters help to keep your lips soft and supple while giving you fabulous coverage! 

Shimmer and Matte Lipstick

Say goodbye to the uncomfortable dryness and hello to moisture! Matte lipsticks can often be uncomfortable and super drying for the lips, which causes people to shy away from them. The Alayna Curtiss Shimmer & Matte Longwear Lipcolor lipsticks offer a matte finish without the dryness. 

This lipstick frees you from having to wear a gloss as a topper, as the long-wearing moisturizing formula is great on its own. Both vibrant and subtle shades are available to really complete your makeup look. 

Shop the best lipsticks on the market, no matter your preference of finish!
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