Our Story

The Evolution of Bridal Beauty Kits

Several years ago, I had the idea to create a bridal based beauty brand. I had 2 salons and was retailing a major brand. In order to stock the latest and greatest lipstick line, I had to buy-in to the new line of 68 lipsticks and minimum quantities of every shade in both locations! 6 months later the line was discontinued. Leaving our salons and our brides unable to get their lip colors for their wedding day.
(The idea began.)

On my first commercial job, I styled the two main talent exactly the way I thought they should look on camera. Soon after, I found out that they hated their on camera looks and they hated what I had created. WHY? Because they didn't feel like themselves. I learned the most valuable lesson that day. One that would catapult my bridal business - Clients want to look like the best version of themselves, not like someone else or what I perceived. (AHA Moment.)

For years, I received phone calls from frantic brides, nearly crying through the phone, "they hated their makeup trial from another vendor." Or worse, "their makeup artist backed out last minute." I wanted to save them all! But couldn't. (How could I figure out a way to be in 2 places at once?)

For 25 years, I trained new and experienced artists in the Alayne Curtiss style of not only how to create natural bridal makeup looks, but also how to listen to brides, how to treat them and how to be successful. (If I could train them, maybe, I could train anyone.)

The pandemic! The world shut down. I couldn't earn my living doing what I loved, helping brides look like the most beautiful version of themselves?? I had to find a way. One of my brides went to a makeup superstore and was sold $450 dollars worth of makeup and had absolutely no idea what to do with it. I had to train her virtually and most of the products she would never use on her wedding day or ever again. (I finally had the time and the answer!)

I had to create an affordable collection of long-wearing products with simple instructions, teaching brides and bridesmaids how to create the best version of themselves on their wedding day.

I convinced my husband to sell our beautiful home and use the proceeds to create Bridal Beauty Kits!

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