Look & Feel Like Your Best Self —  Control Your Glam On Your Big Day 

With 14 All-Inclusive Natural Glam Makeup Kits, Step-By-Step Instructions, Video Tutorials, and 1:1 Zoom Call 

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Going to a special event and want to look like the best version of yourself or that Soft Glam Glow every bride wants?

Try Our Bridal Make up Kits! 

You Get..

The EXACT Look You
 Want — Without Looking Overdone Or Underdone.

You choose how much to apply. The best part is you get full-size products — so you can practice and tweak your look as many times as you want before your big day! You get to choose — a Nude Makeup Look or a Full Glam Look (or anywhere in between)  

Event Day Freedom — No Need To Work Around A Makeup Artist’s Schedule.

No lingering anxiety about strict schedules — or worse your makeup artist canceling. Start your day on your terms knowing you have everything you need to create a gorgeous makeup look.

Confidence That You Look Good In Person And On Camera.

These looks and products were made for brides. Meaning you look stunning up close, afar, and on camera. (No wedding required.)

Concerned with cleanliness and sanitation?

No need to use someone else’s used or dirty make up on your wedding day face. (yuck!)

Our Bridal & Bridesmaid Makeup Kits Include

Long-Lasting, Full-Sized Makeup Products For Your Entire Look

Step-By-Step Instruction Card, Plus Video Tutorials For ANY Experience Level (Even Beginners)

FREE 1:1 Zoom Call With our team of Beauty Experts

Natural Soft Glam Beauty Looks Crafted By A Professional Makeup Artist With 25+ Years of Bridal Makeup Experience 

PLUS — They Make The Perfect Bridesmaids Gift! 

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about Bridal Beauty Kits

There’s nothing worse than hating your look on your big day! That’s exactly why I created Bridal Beauty Kits —
 to give YOU The Power Back.

 You deserve to look and feel beautiful. Create your perfect makeup look no matter your experience.

Find Your Perfect Look For Your Big Day