Everything You Need To Know About Smokey Eye Makeup

Everything You Need To Know About Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eye makeup is popular among many people, and it's easy to see why. It is appropriate for any occasion, including weddings. While this classic style may appear to be something only makeup artists can achieve, you can learn to create the ideal smokey eye for your wedding makeup. All you need are clear instructions and the right products.

How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eye

The first step to creating the perfect smokey eye is priming your eye to reduce your eye shadow fallout and smudge later in the day. To prime, apply either an eyeshadow primer or a brightening concealer—both will assist in smoothing out your eye region and give your makeup something to grasp onto.

The next step is to choose your eye shadow colors. A typical smoky eye has three different shades: one for your mobile lid (the portion that moves when you blink), one for the crease, and one for the highlight. The crease color is normally the darkest, the highlight color is usually the lightest, and the movable lid color is usually a mid-tone. A classic smoky eye looks best with matte tones in the black, brown, gray, navy, or green families, but don't be afraid to experiment with lighter or more colorful shades.

Press the color you've chosen as your all-over eyeshadow shade (i.e., mobile lid shade) onto your lid with a flat eyeshadow brush. Next, incorporate a crease color to enhance the dimension of your look. Choose a complementing dark hue one to two shades deeper than your overall color. Then, using a blending brush, mix the color into your eye's outer corner. Finally, from your crease to your brow bone, apply a light, neutral shadow that is one to two shades lighter than your overall tone.

After you’ve applied all your eyeshadow colors, the next step is to blend your eyeshadow. You need to be careful with this process because you need to blend your eyeshadow well to make the colors transition smoothly, but if you over-blend your eyeshadow, it will end up looking smudged.

What Color Eyeshadow Should You Use

The colors you should choose for your smokey eye will vary depending on your eye color. Here are what colors work best based on the color of your eyes.

  • Brown eyes look great with almost any hue of your smokey eye bridal makeup, but a dash of purple can really make your look pop
  • Using a bronze color makes blue eyes appear brighter
  • A burgundy smokey eye is perfect for grey eyes
  • Use navy tones for hazel eyes
  • Use a color that matches your eyes if they’re green

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