Step-by-step guide to applying concealer

Step-by-step guide to applying concealer

Applying makeup is a process. Each product serves a purpose and should be applied in a particular order to achieve the best results. If you are familiar with what each product does, you can understand how to apply makeup more effectively.

One of the products people often have trouble understanding is concealer. 

Concealer is one of the most versatile makeup products for applying your base. It is typically thicker than your foundation and is used to conceal (as the name suggests) dark marks and hyperpigmentation that the foundation may not have covered. 

Step-by-step guide to applying concealer

How to apply concealer for beginners

Getting a flawless application with your concealer doesn’t just start with applying the concealer. Here are the steps to take to achieve an even, flawless finish. 

  1. Always start on a fresh face - Skincare prep is just as important as the actual makeup application technique. You want to ensure that you start on a cleansed and prepped face. This includes applying moisturiser, eye cream if necessary, and a makeup primer. 

  2. Apply your base - You must create an even base for your concealer to cover. This could be your foundation, or you could use a tinted moisturiser, bb, or cc cream. Ensure your base is evenly blended into your skin. 

  3. Choose your formula - Concealers typically have two main types of formulas: a liquid or a cream. You may also come across stick/waxy concealers, but these tend to be more prone to creasing, especially around the eyes. 

    Liquid concealers are the most versatile and suitable for normal, oily, and dry skin.  Cream concealers, however, work very well with dry skin, as they tend to dry down as much as the liquid formula. 

  4. Select a shade - Choosing a shade can sometimes be tricky. You want to have a skin tone shade and a shade that is no more than 2 tones lighter than your skin tone. If you tend to get darker in the summer months, it is also recommended that you have a summer skin tone shade as well. 

    You will use the skin tone shade to cover blemishes and dark marks, while the lighter concealer shade will be used as a brightening shade for areas you would like to highlight. 

  5. Apply the concealer - A little goes a long way with concealers. Since they are usually pretty thick, you want to ensure you apply a little at a time. A general rule for makeup is to apply a little at a time and build, rather than risk applying too much. 

    Using a light hand and blending each layer is the best way to go. You could use your fingers to tap and blend the product into the skin gently, or you can use a concealer brush

    Apply the lighter concealer under your eyes in an upside-down triangular shape, the center of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose, and on top of your cupid’s bow.

    Blend until you have a seamless transition between your foundation and the concealer. 

  6. Set the concealer - The last thing you want is creasing or movement after you have applied your concealer and blended it to perfection. To prevent this, you must set it with a translucent powder

Apply your powder with a light hand in all the areas you applied the concealer. 

There you have it, a flawless face!

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