The ultimate face makeup brush guide

The ultimate face makeup brush guide

Entering the world of makeup can feel like an entirely new realm when you’re new to it. Lipstick, foundation, and concealer, it can all feel like a lot of information to take in. 

One makeup product that can definitely feel quite overwhelming without the right guidance is makeup brushes. There are just so many! Especially if you get them as a makeup brush set. Knowing which brush to use with which product may make or break your entire look.

This is why we have created the ultimate guide to understanding makeup brushes! Makeup application is an art, and every artist needs the right tools. If you want to know when to use which brush and how to even identify each brush and its purpose, keep on reading. 

Types of professional face makeup brushes

The ultimate face makeup brush guide
  1. Foundation brush - Creating an even canvas to start with is the best way to ensure a flawless makeup application. Your foundation is your base, and so lays the groundwork, for the rest of the makeup look. While sponges have become fairly popular for applying foundation, a brush will apply your foundation using less product because it absorbs less than a sponge. 

Our foundation brush has long, flat bristles with a tapered tip, that is ideal for applying liquid foundation to give you a full coverage, flawless look. 

  1. Concealer brush -  Typically, concealer is applied after foundation to conceal any dark marks and add any extra coverage that the foundation may have missed. Using a concealer brush will help you to apply your concealer with the precision needed while giving you the best coverage. 
  1. Powder brush - Of course, after applying foundation and concealer, you need to set everything to prevent creasing and movement. This is where your powder brush comes in. Powder application can sometimes be tricky. Applying too much can make your makeup look cakey, but if you apply too little, your makeup won’t last as long

Using the right powder brush that is large enough to pick up enough product yet fluffy enough to distribute it as evenly as possible is key. Our Powder Fluff Brush is soft, fluffy, full, and rounded which makes it do exactly that! 

  1. Contour/ Bronzer Brush - Bronzing and contouring help to bring back the shape and dimension of your face that the foundation removes. Contouring and bronzing only take place around the perimeter of your face, hence you need a brush that’s big enough to get the job done, but precise enough to keep the product contained. 

The Alayne Curtis Contour/Bronzer brush will have you sculpted in the right areas to give you that sun kissed look we all want. 

  1. Angled Blush Brush - Time to add some color back to those cheeks! This is where your angled blush brush steps in. Using an angled brush helps to keep the precision of the color to just the cheeks and cheekbones. The last thing you want is to have your red blush on your jawline, messing up your entire base. 
  1. Highlighter Fan Brush - This is the fun part! If you want to look sun kissed and gorgeously glowy, you absolutely need to add a highlighter. However, a highlighter is one of those products that, if you are not careful, could really end up all over your face and spoil the look.

Using a highlighter fan brush will keep the product on the high areas of the face. It is also great at dusting away any fallout you may have without disturbing your makeup. 

Now that you know the right makeup brushes and tricks to create a flawless face, go forth like a true makeup artist and enhance your canvas!
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