Gorgeous Lashes without Falsies or Extensions from Bridal Beauty Kits

Unlock the Secret to Gorgeous Lashes


Let's talk lashes—without the fuss!

Discover the magic of lash curling with a warm twist. Check out my quick video tutorial on IG: 

Another quick and easy: How to get long full lashes without using false lashes or lash extensions.

Here's the scoop:

  1. Boost with lash serum (Revitalash rocks, works great and is non-irritating.)
  2. Coat lashes with a lengthening mascara (Bare Minerals Strength and Length is my go-to.)
  3. Comb and separate with a lash comb.
  4. Let it dry—multitask by doing the rest of your face while you wait.
  5. Warm your curler with a blow-dryer for 2-3 seconds, make sure to test on your wrist! 
  6. Hold as close to the base of the lash as possible. 
  7. Now hold 8 and pump 2.  Repeat on the other side. Hold for 10 seconds this time and pump 2 again.
  8. Double up with volumizing mascara on top and bottom this time.
  9. Do a final comb-through and voila.

Try it for yourself and watch your eyes Pop. Perfect for any occasion.

Got questions or thoughts? Hit reply—I'm all yours. 

Stay Fab!


Make Me Fab and Bridal Beauty Kits

P.S Find my favorite lash curler and mascaras used in the tutorial at shop.makemefab.com (sorry, Better Than Sex is sold out already. We recommend Lashtopia as another great volumizing mascara alternative)


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