What is the difference between lipstick and lip gloss

What is the difference between lipstick and lip gloss

Whether you are a makeup fanatic or a natural chic, pouty, luscious, plump lips are something we all want. And with the right lip products, luxurious lips are definitely not out of reach. Many of us collect lipsticks and lip glosses of all different colors, brands, and finishes, all in an effort to ensure that we have the right one when we need it. 

Sometimes, depending on the makeup look (or lack thereof), we will decide if we grab lipstick or lip gloss to finish the look. But what is the real difference between them? What makes lipstick so different from lip gloss?

The main difference comes from the basic ingredients that are used to create each product. Let’s take a closer look at both.

What is lipstick?

What is the difference between lipstick and lip gloss

Lipstick is one of the older makeup products to ever exist. 

In fact, it predates even mascara, going back as far as 9 A.D. The definition of lipstick has evolved over the centuries and certainly over the last decade. 

Lipstick used to be defined as a waxy, solid-colored cosmetic substance specifically designed for application on the lips. However, these days, lipstick also comes in the form of a liquid matte or creamy formula as well. 

Essentially, most lipsticks are made up of three basic ingredients: wax, pigment, and oil. While every brand adds its own additional unique ingredients, these ingredients cannot be left out. The wax helps the product glide smoothly over your lips, while the pigment is what gives it color. The oil used is to keep your lips moisturized and comfortable while you wear the product. However, the more oil that is in a lip product, the less likely it is that it will be pigmented.

What is Lip gloss?

What is the difference between lipstick and lip gloss

Lip gloss on the other hand is defined as a glossy or creamy cosmetic product that is applied to the lips to give the lips a glossy or shiny look. Lip gloss may or may not have pigment. The three most common ingredients found in lipgloss are emollients, petroleum jelly, and oil. Some glosses may have fragrances and pigment as well. 

What makes lipgloss so different from lipstick? 

What makes lipgloss so different from lipstick?

While at their core, some may say that lipstick and lipgloss provide a similar basic function, there are quite a few differences between the two products. 





It is said that lipstick was probably first invented and worn by Ancient Mesopotamian women.

Lipgloss was invented by Max Factor in 1930, as a lip product that would make lips shiny for films. 

Main ingredients

Wax, pigment, and oil.

Emollients, petroleum jelly, wax, and oil.

Usual texture

Typically, thick. Most times as a solid bullet stick in a tube.

Lightweight, creamy, and glossy. 


Sheer, satin, matte, moisturizing, liquid, long-wearing. 

Creamy, translucent, opaque, plumping, sparkling, clear.

The best lipsticks and lipglosses 

The best lipsticks and lipglosses

While the basic ingredients for more lipsticks and lip glosses are pretty similar, not all products are created equal. At Bridal Beauty Kits, we only produce products with top quality ingredients so that brides can have the best experience with our products before, during, and after the big day. 

You have the option of choosing matte, shimmer, or satin lipsticks from our collection. And our lipglosses give you luxury sheer, long-wearing or frosted for toppers. If you are ready for luxurious, luscious, lips with long-lasting lip products, Bridal Beauty Kits is the way to go.
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