Peaches and Cream Bridal Makeup Collection

$166.60 $196

DIY bridal makeup look Peaches and Cream embodies soft creamy tones with touches of shimmer and peachy tones on eyes, lips, and cheeks. It is perfect for a bride or bridesmaid who wants to look soft, natural, and still understatedly elegant. Think, "I'm not trying too hard. I just woke up today looking this refreshed and in love."  

Peaches and Cream collection includes the following:

  • Nude Glow Blendable Creme Eyeshadow
  • Bronze Glow Blendable Creme Eyeshadow
  • Eye Brightening Nude Waterline Liner
  • Insanely Waterproof Black Felt Tip Liner
  • Adorn Smooth Glide Waterproof Eyeliner
  • Smoke Fine Line Brow Definer
  • Glow Girl Glow Serum
  • Bare Beauty HD Finishing Powder
  • Blush / Bronzer Duo Case
  • Sparkling Powder Blush
  • Bronze Babe Matte
  • Hera Satin Smooth Long Wearing Lip Liner
  • Newton Avenue Satin Shimmer Lipstick